We are eSmart!

by | Aug 1, 2018

This week I got an email that started with the line “We are very proud to announce that King’s Christian College has now attained eSmart Status! This is a wonderful achievement.” The email was from eSmart Schools, an initiative of the Allanah and Madeline Foundation and endorsed by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. While this may not seem like much, let me explain just a little of the significance.

Two years ago, a couple of our staff, Mr Galer and Mr Vallance, went to a Professional Development day where they were first introduced to the eSmart framework. They were already aware of some of the dangers of the internet and were determined to continue to develop a system at King’s to both protect and educate our students about the smart, safe and responsible use of technology. However, that day opened their eyes to the magnitude of this never-ending task.

From that day until today, and continuing into the future, King’s staff have used the eSmart framework as a guideline to growing in this area. We have refined existing policy and procedures as well as developing new strategies to better protect and educate our students and wider King’s Community in the area of eSafety. My position, as eSafety coordinator was created; Staff have had professional development; Students have engaged in various learning opportunities and forums; This Innovation Hub was developed; King’s Concern was launched; Parents and other stakeholders have been given the opportunity to attend seminars with internationally renowned speakers such as Susan McLean and Brad Huddleston, and to have a voice in our ongoing eSafety conversations.

As we continue to refine and develop strategies in this area and continue to educate and protect our students, we are grateful that you, as King’s parents, are willing to partner with us in this as we strive for a new normal. A normal where the Smart, Safe and Responsible use of technology is as commonplace as “please” and “thank you” when you go to dinner at Nanna’s.

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