Online Concerns @ King’s

by | Jul 24, 2018

Sometimes your child just needs to let someone know there’s something they are concerned about. One mode of communication available to our students is to visit

This simple mode of communication is available to students during term time and has been a very helpful way for us to get the right person in contact with your child to help navigate the issues that were concerning them.

It is aimed at online concerns, especially since they often occur off-site and we have been able to help students since implementation last year with issues ranging from lost pencil cases, school-yard name-calling, harrassment via social media and friendship issues right up to disclosures of self-harm or a student concerned that their friend may be suicidal.

Letting us know about an online concern is simple. Your child follows the following 4 easy steps:

1. Go to the King’s Concern website, which has a link on every child’s Compass page and is accessible anywhere that has an internet connection.
2. Click on the coloured face that matches the level of concern.
3. Enter their Name, School email address and a description of the concern.
4. Click “I’m not a robot” and then send.

This sends an email to both myself, as the eSafety coordinator, and our Student Welfare team so that we can get the correct person in contact with your child to help with the concern as quickly as possible.

These messages are always kept confidential. This is especially important if a student is concerned for a friend, it is a way that we can get help for their friend without ever letting them know who asked for the help.

I’ll talk about this on Middle School assembly this week, why don’t you ask your child what they would do if something online was worrying them and see if they mention Concern?

I hope your child never needs it, but if they do, King’s Concern is one way we hope be able to help.

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